The smart way to the right job. Free.

For freelancers and employees.
We match your design skills with the needs of companies – so you will find your perfect job.

Your benefits with luzid

Skill-based matchmaking.

With our skill profiles, you can display your skills adequatly and show where your focus is.

So you only get requests for jobs that suit you well.


All on one platform.

On luzid you can display your complete profile. With one click, your potential employer gets everything they need to hire you.


Safe handling of your data.

Companies will find your profile anonymously in searches. Based on the most important data, they send you a request.
Only if you are interested in a request, full access to your profile is granted.

How luzid works

Complete your profile

In order to get a relevant profile, make sure that all important information in your profile is filled in. This will increase your chances of receiving a request.

Companies start searching & request you

In the first step your profile appears completely anonymous and only relevant key data of your profile is displayed. This includes your desired salary, your experience and your skills.

Now its your turn

You have received an offer! If it sounds interesting to you and you agree to the request, you have a match. If the offer does not suit you, you remain anonymous and the search continues.

Match – you are connected

If you agree to the request, the company will have access to your name, profile picture, CV details, portfolio and contact data. The interview process can begin.

Start interviews

Now everything follows the usual process – this often happens outside the luzid platform. But we will stay in contact and support you if you have any questions.

What our designers say

After I logged in on the platform, the first requests soon came to me.

These fit surprisingly well with my expectations for the next project. The concept worked great for me.

Josef Bichlmaier

UX Designer, Freelancing

You can see that the platform was developed by people who have experienced the problems in recruiting or better in finding the next job themselves.

I find it very innovative and was able to win a customer directly for me.

Steffie Susser

UX Designer, Freelancing

Working with luzid was a very positive experience.

Generally the lack of understanding for the UX-field with most recruiters leads to me telling the same story over and over and again and in the end – educating people about what I do.

As luzid is a team of designers, I felt like the platform really fit my needs and focused on what’s really important for me.

Anita Popovic

UI/UX Design Team Lead, HolidayPirates Group